Me before you?

I enjoy a good romantic comedy or 'chick flick' that tells a tale of complicated people falling in love in even more complicated circumstances...

When those people are actually decent people. That is not the case here.
Lou is in a relationship with Patrick, a seemingly nice and decent guy. He's active, fun, appropriately funny, ambitious, sweet, and he truly cares for her. They've been together 7 years! Then she meets Will.

Will is a complete asshole. No really... there is not 1 redeeming quality about him as a person. He's dull... he speaks in a completely monotone voice the entire movie... he's not funny, not even a little bit... he's insulting... he's selfish... he's suicidal... He does nothing to even attempt to make anyone else's life around him better.

The only thing that this man has going for him is that he is RICH AND HANDSOME. He even admits that he would want nothing to do with her if he was still able to walk, and this doesn't phase her one bit. We're supposed to give him a pass on all of those things just because he's in a wheelchair? No... sorry... just no.

She falls for this guy and you could say "oh, but he was sweet and he gave her compliments" but NO. She clearly falls for him well before that. Everything she falls for is superficial.

She loves the adventure... she loves the money... she loves the feeling that she gets from taking care of him as it makes her feel needed. There is nothing about him as a person that she falls for! So she throws away 7 years with a great guy for a fling with a rich and handsome asshole.

WOW! And this was the movie that somebody decided to make. WOW!!! This woman deserves to end up alone and the only redeeming quality about this movie is that she is alone in the end and I can at least imagine that this fling that she threw away everything for Will torture her for the rest of her life as she tries to find another rich and handsome man that can fill Will's shoes, which in reality she never will.

This movie is a tragedy, not a love story.


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